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Dear fellow woodworking enthusiast! Welcome to my site and I hope you'll have a great time downloading my plans and reading the tips I've written for you.

A little about me:

Hey guys. I'm John Rowe and I'm the founder/owner of WoodPlansFree.com. I started this site to share my passion for woodworking - offering free plans and advice to aspiring craftsman

I've been building stuff for close to 50 years now and woodworking is my passion.

I started learning woodworking from my granddad when I was 11 and I've never stopped since. He taught me everything I knew and together, we built all the furniture around the house. Many of the projects we've built are still present in my house.

Woodworking has been a career and a passion for me and I consider myself fortunate to be doing what I love for a living. These days, I run a workshop conducting classes and building custom projects for clients.

This site serves as a "journal" as well as a "giveaway" for all the plans and knowledge I've amassed throughout my life. It would be a shame if it goes into the grave with me.

So go ahead and explore my site, download my free plans, read my articles and I hope you'll gain some new insights!

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About John Rowe

john-roweJohn Rowe is the founder of WoodPlansFree.com and he has been a professional craftsman for more than 50 years. He founded the site to share his passion and knowledge for woodworking to the community.

Through this site, he offers free woodworking plans as well as tips to his members.